Sketchpad 1.0

UPDATE: Read about Sketchpad 3.0

Sketchpad is a free application utilizing <canvas> to allow anyone with a web-connection and a recent copy of Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Chrome the ability to create beautiful drawings.

Sketchpad includes a number of Drawing Tools — including: Text, Shape, Spirograph, Brush, Calligraphy, Pencil, Paint-Bucket, and Stamp. These tools can be used together with the provided database of Colors, Gradients, and Patterns — or you can create you own custom styles by clicking on the “COLOR”, “GRADIENT”, or “PATTERN” tabs on the top-bar. Sketchpad also includes a few generic Drawing Utilities — including: Marquee, Crop, Eraser, and a HSL/RGBA Color-Picker. Be sure to click on “LIGHT” mode on the top-bar for extra fun ?

Feel free to add your Sketchpad drawings to our Flickr group, we’d love to see them!

Here are a few drawings made with Sketchpad: